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It may be the off season for the NBA in the but there’s no shortage of big stories and definitely lots to talk about!
Donnell Suggs is the Sports Editor for the Lafayette Sun in Alabama and also a contributor to Slamonline,  and he stops by the Hoops Talk Nation podcast.  Topics range from some of the intriguing free agency deals thus far, the bright future ahead for Philadelphia 76ers rookie Ben Simmons and a look back at the majestic career of Tim Duncan as he retires from the NBA after 19 remarkable seasons.
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Tim Duncan Retires from the NBA After 19 Seasons!


Tim Duncan spent almost 20 years as the a solid reliable and oftentimes quiet force down low for the San Antonio Spurs franchise.  With Duncan as the focal point, the Spurs won five championships, made the playoffs in all 19 of his seasons and cemented themselves as one of the most successful sports franchises in history.

And now, the tireless and reluctant superstar is finally calling it a career.

Let The Boys Play! OBA practices unethical decision making

nba collective

When I first learned of the events that took during the Ontario Basketball Association‘s championship weekend, I was disturbed to hear that the association responsible for representing Ontario’s amateur basketball interests would make unethical decisions that would lead to a group of young men miss out on an opportunity that they’ve practiced three times a week  for the better part of the last seven months.  These questionable decisions by the OBA would lead to NBA Collective’s 11U Atom team be disqualified from a championship game they earned the right to compete in.

The team has since opted to protest OBA’s decision and an on-line petition has been created here.  Read the full grounds of the protest below and support the cause by signing the petition:

Grounds for our Protest…

April 9th 2016

After going 2-0 in our first 2 pool play games, our NBA Collective 11U Atoms boys entered into their 3rd and final pool play game against DC Bulldogs West (DC).  They too, were 2-0 so that set the stage for the winner of the game to move on to play in the championship game the following day.  In the 6th shift a player on our team fouled out, moments later we noticed Mike Barbin (who was not the tournament convener) at the score table.  Shortly after Mike walked over to the opposite teams bench (DC) and appeared to be having a conversation with their head coach.

Page 36 of the OBA 2016 Rules and Regulation Manual 
“Should a violation in equal participation occur, it is the responsibility of the coach to raise this issue with the tournament convener or at the Ontario Cup, with an OBA staff member”

At the conclusion of the game we were notified of the disqualification by Mike. We then requested from Mike to substantiate the grounds for disqualification, as stated in the OBA rules and regulation manual.  Mike was unable to refer to any such guidelines that definitively speaks to a players disqualification/team forfeit, yet kept insisting the guide line for a 10 player team is clearly outlined and because some of our players played 5 shits we were in violation.

Our coaching staff attempted to reason with Mike and ask him to consider the sport in question as players fouling out is a common occurrence in basketball. When Mike was asked “what would happen if there was an injury, would that be grounds for forfeit?” he was unclear with his answer as he went back and forth with his response and refused to give in to reason. We again attempted to appeal to his sensibilities, stating this cannot be the intent behind whatever fair play guidelines he was referring to.  Mike then stated it was not his decision to make, it was the opposing coach’s decision and negated any responsibility.

Page 37 of the OBA 2016 Rules and Regulation Manual

“In the event a player fouls out, the team is permitted to continue with less than ten players without forfeiting. Any incident where a team has player(s) intentionally foul out to gain competitive advantage will be investigated by the Commissioner, Fair Play. Discipline could include but is not limited to suspensions and/or fines”.

April 10th 2016

After our assistant coach discovering the above rule, it was emailed to OBA. To our astonishment, Jason insisted that the above rule did not speak to our situation. Our coaching staff spent over 2 hours speaking at length with Jason and Mike as to why the above is not applicable to our particular situation, to no avail. When fully confronted Jason relented and said he was not prepared to overturn the decision rendered by Mike as it would set a precedence and that would call into question previous rulings.  Keep in mind, Mr. Jansson has not yet offered any example of when this ruling has ever been enforced.  What is clear however is that Mr. Jansson is more concerned with looking out for the interest of OBA and their stakeholders, even if this means it comes at the expense of our players, parents and Member Club or in general doing what’s right and keeping with the integrity and nature of the Fair Play rules/guidelines. Please keep in mind no allegation of “intentionally fouling out to gain a competitive advantage” has ever been alleged against our team, not by Jason, Mike or the DC coach.
In our communications with the Executive Director of the OBA Jason Jansson, and the Head of Clubs and Competition Mike Barbin, they ignored the existence of the rules noted above and deliberately tried to confuse the interpretation of that rule.
As a result we collectively decided to stage a formal protest, we are asking for the support of all media sources, OBA Member Clubs and the basketball community at large to join us in our call for responsible and ethical accountability for the OBA.

Firstly, OBA is presently in the process of rescheduling the Division 1 Gold Medal game.  We are petitioning for the OBA to rightfully allow NBA Collective’s U11 team the opportunity to play in said championship game, a game they rightfully earned to play in.
In addition we are requesting that the conversation now be directed accordingly, we are not seeking any changes to the rule book as the rules are very clear and is NOT the issue.  The issue lies within the governance of the OBA, we are seeking a full investigation into all relatable matters involving Noel’s Basketball Academy and the OBA to be conducted by neutral and unbiased party.

To lend your support kindly sign and  share our petition to anyone you believe might be able to aid in our cause, news and/or media outlets, friends and so forth… also please also cc us in as well at

The 2014-2015 NBL Canada Mixtape!

Complete highlights from the 2014-2015 NBL Canada season.


About the National Basketball League of Canada

The National Basketball League of Canada (NBLC) was founded in 2011, and is Canada’s only professional domestic basketball league. There are currently 8 teams, with two divisions: Central and Atlantic. The NBLC is committed to being one of the leading professional basketball leagues in the world. The NBLC provides Canadian athletes, international athletes, coaches and officials the opportunity to participate in the game they love at the professional level. The NBLC is also dedicated to raising awareness of the sport of basketball throughout Canada, by providing fans with an exciting and entertaining experience.

The 2nd Annual Sports Mobile Summit!




sports mobile summit

The 2nd Annual Sports Mobile Summit held in Toronto provided an opportunity for over 100 senior execs from Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, CBC, Rogers SportsNet, TSN, Yahoo Canada, CFL, Canadian Olympic Committee, Cisco, Golf Canada, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Tennis Canada, and more to gather for the only conference that focuses exclusively on how mobile technology is defining the future of the sports industry.

The Facility – Training & Therapy Services

The Audman catches up with the founders of The Facility, Dr. Joel Kerr and Paul Blackwood to discuss the training and treatment services that they offer to youth, pro athletes or weekend warriors.  The Facility is a unification of two specific two organizations that offer two unique services:

alsc logo

The Academy of Learning, Strength, and Conditioning (ALSC) supports & mentors student athletes who are passionate about sports, academics, and life! The vision for ALSC is to operate a facility for student athletes with the purpose of offering mentoring & leadership practices to foster overall athletic, academic, and practical life-skill achievements for student athletes;


thi logo2

THI is a group of health care specialists focused on ensuring Canadians have access to the ground work for a healthy lifestyle via preventative manual therapy, physical activity, balanced wholesome nutrition and mental wellness.

An Introduction To Freeman Youth Services!




Gabe Freeman is a well-known sports personality in London, having played professional basketball for the two-time Champion London Lightning in Canada’s National Basketball League (NBL).  He is the co-founder of Freeman Youth Services Optimist Club which is committed to connecting with today’s youth, enhancing individuals and communities by teaching fundamental life skills to children through mentorship and the medium of sport. The Audman Media takes you into one of Freeman Youth Services Optimist Club’s Saturday clinics to provide a sense of the kind of impact that’s being made in the community.


The Broad Street Line Joins The Fold!

The Audman Media Network is pleased to announce the arrival of “The Broad Street Line” (not to be confused with the subway bearing the same name) hosted by Roy Burton and Kris Domingo.  Based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Roy & Kris do a great job talking sports, interviewing big-name guests and the occasional time when they give away stuff. But more importantly, they keep things real and have a lot of fun with it!


For more info on “The Broad Street Line” check out their Facebook page or you could also follow them on Twitter!

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