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The news of DeMar DeRozan re-upping with the Toronto Raptors for a five year deal valued at  $139 million was refreshing to hear particularly in an NBA off season where several recognizable stars opted to uproot themselves to ply their trade elsewhere.  DeRozan was different.

He didn’t talk to any other teams and had only one meeting with the Toronto Raptors and that’s all that was needed to get the job done.

Radio sports talk host Andy McNamara of TSN 1050 Radio joins the next episode of the Hoops Talk Nation podcast to discuss the significance of the Raptors retaining an all-star caliber player like DeRozan and what the franchise does moving forward as it continues to work towards its ultimate goal of being a championship organization.


All that plus a whole host of other NBA topics on the Hoops Talk Nation Podcast!

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DeMar DeRozan on Playing in Toronto! | The Audman Media

textgram_1464620400DeMar DeRozan is a two time All Star who led the Toronto Raptors in their most successful campaign in franchise history before falling to LeBron James and the Cavs in game six of the Eastern Conference Finals.  DeRozan will also be a free agent this summer earning him the right to sign with any NBA team in the league.  The topic of free agency has always been a bit of a sore spot for long time Raptor fans who can still feel the sting of past free agents who’ve bolted the moment their paperwork freed them up. This is part of the reason DeRozan’s comments during the Raptors season-ending availability were so refreshing.

As you would expect, DeRozan was asked about his future plans and spoke openly and freely about his fondness for the T-DOT (AKA The 6) and the significance of setting records in a Raptors uniform.

“I don’t think so,” DeRozan replied when asked whether he thought he could find a better situation elsewhere.

“My mind-set has always been Toronto. I always preached it. I was passionate about it when we was losing. When we was terrible, I said I’m going to stick through this whole thing and I want to be that guy who brings this organization to where it is now. I definitely don’t want to switch up after we win,” he said. “I think one thing that’s always greatly said about me is I’m a loyal person. That’s just how I live my whole life. Period. And at this point in my career, it’s all about winning. That’s the only thing that matters.”

DeMar was selected with the ninth pick of the 2009 draft and can be paid a lot more than any other team, because of the rules of the collective bargaining agreement.

#WeTheOthers Take Off North of the Border | The Audman Media

The Toronto Raptors wasted no time churning out freshly printed #WeTheOther swag that was handed out at Toronto’s Jurassic Park outside of the Air Canada Centre on Tuesday evening. This of course comes on the heels of the much talked about botched CBS on-line poll that referred to the Raptors as “Others”

Raptors fans immediately embraced the mishap and added this incident to the growing list of Dis-Respeck-ful events perpetrated against them from their friends south of the border. Even Toronto mayor,  John Tory joined the fray and penned this open letter to the chairman of CBS chairman Sean McManus.

For whatever its worth, CBS Sports did apologize for the oversight indicating that the poll was created before the Raptors beat Miami to advance and while the apology his nice gesture, Raps fans want them to put some RES-PECK on that!

Running The Three Man Weave on TSN!


I was recently invited to contribute my thoughts to a weekly basketball column on TSN.com called “Three Man Weave”. The Weave examines the latest going ons in the hoops world and is ran with precision by a couple of my basketball ball brothers, Will Strickland and Duane Waston, hosts of TSN 1050’s #1On1 with Will & Duane.

With so much going on the world of hoops, the timing of my invite couldn’t have been better.

We touch on the D’Angelo Russell situation, the significance of the Raptors reaching the 50 win plateau and the Final Four selections.

Check it out here…


Are You Loyal to a TEE?

Jason Chu and Ryan Yu are a couple of long time Toronto Raptors fans who have taken their love for the game of basketball and made a business out of it. In October of 2014, they founded Loyal to a Tee, a t-shirt company dedicated to providing passionate fans with quality while maintaining a loyalty to their brand.