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It’s Canada Day here north of the border and as we celebrate my home country’s 150th birthday, I thought this would make for the perfect opportunity to share a recent interview I conducted with a good buddy of mine Lance Winn.
Lance is in the sports broadcasting business and much like myself grew up in Toronto loving the game of basketball.  It’s important to understand that in the early days of the sport, it’s popularity was nowhere what it is today.  There definitely were pockets scattered throughout the city where people gathered to play or watch and because camera phones didn’t exist, if you missed the action all you had to rely on was the stories of those who witnessed it first hand.
 I talk to Lance about a DVD series that he produced called, “Hang Time: 50 Years of Toronto Basketball” which tells the story of these games that so many of us weren’t on hand to see for ourselves.  It reintroduces the legends and stories behind the rise of the city’s most popular sport, bringing together generations of Toronto’s basketball community to celebrate and appreciate those who paved the way for today’s successes. It was a great convo and an absolute pleasure to spend some time chatting about an era of basketball that served as a spark to a game that has captured a nation.
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#WeTheOthers Take Off North of the Border | The Audman Media

The Toronto Raptors wasted no time churning out freshly printed #WeTheOther swag that was handed out at Toronto’s Jurassic Park outside of the Air Canada Centre on Tuesday evening. This of course comes on the heels of the much talked about botched CBS on-line poll that referred to the Raptors as “Others”

Raptors fans immediately embraced the mishap and added this incident to the growing list of Dis-Respeck-ful events perpetrated against them from their friends south of the border. Even Toronto mayor,  John Tory joined the fray and penned this open letter to the chairman of CBS chairman Sean McManus.

For whatever its worth, CBS Sports did apologize for the oversight indicating that the poll was created before the Raptors beat Miami to advance and while the apology his nice gesture, Raps fans want them to put some RES-PECK on that!

The 2014-2015 NBL Canada MOST Furious Finishes!

A collection of the most exciting finishes from the 2014-2015 NBL Canada season!

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About the National Basketball League of Canada

The National Basketball League of Canada (NBLC) was founded in 2011, and is Canada’s only professional domestic basketball league. There are currently 8 teams, with two divisions: Central and Atlantic. The NBLC is committed to being one of the leading professional basketball leagues in the world. The NBLC provides Canadian athletes, international athletes, coaches and officials the opportunity to participate in the game they love at the professional level. The NBLC is also dedicated to raising awareness of the sport of basketball throughout Canada, by providing fans with an exciting and entertaining experience.

Fast Break presents: The Bright Future of Canadian Basketball!

The success that Canada has experienced in recent NBA drafts can only mean bright things for the future of basketball in the country. Programs such as CIA Bounce have made huge contributions to the landscape and more and more young people are looking to take their game to the next level. “Fast Break” welcomes basketball analyst and coach, Gary Durrant who explores the future of basketball in Canada.

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Fast Break presents:A Closer Look at the Top 3 Canadian Picks in the 2014 NBA Draft!

The 2014 NBA Draft was the most successful draft Canadians have ever seen with four players being selected in the first two rounds. Andrew Wiggins was selected first overall making Canada the first country, other than the USA, to have back-to-back No. 1 draft picks.The Sacramento Kings added lights out shooter Nik Stauskus to their roster. Tyler Ennis was the third Canadian to go in the first round and Dwight Powell was selected in the second round.

Drew Ebanks of On Point Basketball breaks down the first round picks and provides his thoughts on the future of basketball in Canada.

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