Is NWA The Hip Hop Version of The Beatles?

The Beatles were an iconic rock group from Liverpool, England. They are frequently cited as the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed band in modern history, with innovative music, a cultural impact that helped define the 1960’s and an enormous influence on music that is still felt today.

If you take the millions of record sales out of the equation, Is NWA The Hip Hop Version of The Beatles?

Big Hutch AKA Cold 187um of the west coast hip hop group Above The Law definitely seems to think so.  While he was a guest on “Down With The Kings”, the godfather of the G-Funk sound expressed his heartfelt appreciation for what the mega group, NWA did for his career, “To me, they’re like my Beatles. I got the whole blue print from them. A lot of people got the rock and roll blueprint from The Beatles, to me in hip hop – they’re my Beatles”

Much like The Beatles, NWA took the direction of hip hop into new frontiers by shining a spotlight on gangster rap and hardcore hip hop and as Big Hutch said, provided a “blueprint” for others to follow.  They made their own rules, did what they want and weren’t going to let anyone tell them how to do it.  The impact of NWA is still felt to this  was going by  is still felt to this day which was evident by the recent success of the biopic smash feature length film, “Straight Outta Compton”.

In addition, Big Hutch also speaks on the current state of gangster rap, Ruthless Records and his work on the Tupac tribute album, “Until The End of Time”


  1. IceManLikeGervin says:

    Naw, more like Public Enemy, the group Ice Cube ran to after he left NWA, are the Beetles of Hip Hop. NWA was a sellout group full of studio gangsters that promoted black death not unity in its music. Eazy E was a luciferian whose self confessed song writing method was to include the nword/bword as many times as possible in a song. NWA helped to spread the LA Gangbanger/dopeman culture all across America as LA Gangs migrated with crack cocaine spreading their deadly lifestyle as ghetto superstars thanks in part to NWA, Ice T, Colors, Boyz In The Hood, Menace II Society, etc. NWA was ran by a Jewish man named Jerry Heller…the song ‘No Vaseline’ by Ice Cube exposed the entire NWA fraud for what it was- image over reality. NWA made only 2 songs that have any reddeming societal value- Express Yourself & F The Police. The FBI sent NWA a cease & desist order for F The Police because they know music is power but said nothing about their songs concerning black on black crime, degrading black women, etc. recognize government censorship game. Dr Dre is a certified woman beating expert which the NWA movie left out but no gangster. MC Ren is no gangster. DJ Yella is no gangster. Ice Cube came from an upper middle class home. Eazy was the only one really in the streets selling weed/crack. NWA is CB4…..



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