Audley Stephenson is a professional speaker, radio host, videographer and founder of  The Audman Media – a brand that produces digital stories on sports and urban culture and features interviews with a variety of athletes,  entertainers and persons/topics of interest.

Audley Stephenson produces, plans, manages and executes the digital content strategy for NBL Canada through a variety of media and social media channels.

He also currently hosts a weekly classic hip hop radio program called Down With The Kings,  exclusively aired on Maximum FM Hip Hop that is dedicated to paying homage and celebrating the pioneers of the hip hop industry including the likes of Darryl McDaniels of RUN-DMC, Milk Dee from Audio Two, Dres of Black Sheep and Krazy Drayz of DAS EFX to name a few.

He formerly co-produced/co-hosted a popular and entertaining NBA podcast for five seasons called “The Breakdown with Dave & Audley”. The program has featured over 250 interviews with a variety of professional athletes, entertainers and celebrities and has been featured on basketball websites such as Slam Magazine Online and ESPN True Hoop Blog.

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