A True Fu-Shnick, Chip-Fu On Down With The Kings

“People from other countries were coming down to see if I was actually rhyming backwards – these english majors from Germany came down to see if I was really rhyming backwards and they had me do it to tape and play it backwards and play it forward.”


DOWN WITH THE KINGS @GetDWTK is pleased to welcome the energetic @chipfu of the mighty Fu-Schnickens to the next episode tonight (Wed) at 11pm on @MaximumFM. This true Fu-Schnick takes us on a trip down  memory lane to talk about the early days of the group, how he developed his crazy rhyme style and a brand new series of workshops he`s developed for young people call MAATH (Music Art Appreciation Time & Healing)

All that and more on the next episode of #DownWithTheKings exclusively on #MaximumFMHipHop FM
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